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Cable Tray Penetration Seals

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In the event of a fire, a cable tray serves as a path for the fire to move to other areas of the plant.


SRE Solution:
Cable Tray Penetration Seals provide a barrier between rooms protecting equipment from smoke and fire.  Materials allow for future cable pulling and routing.




SRE Advantages:

  • Ability to remove penetration seals for cable additions and updates.
  • Before and after matrix aid in proper system selection.  Also provides visual to compare completed work insuring correct installation. 
  • Design drawings are assembled allowing each step of the process is able to be understood by a novice installer.  Following each step in sequence insures a fire protection installation that will function in a fire/smoke event.
  • Ability for corrective maintenance to be performed 10, 20, even 30 years from now
  • System designs are installed by SRE’s trained and certified installers.
  • Ability to install while the unit is live.
  • Ability to accommodate openings up to 6’’ in diameter.
  • Three hour fire rating

Material(s) Description:
FS657 Fire Block
FS1 Caulk












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