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Customized Indoor Fire Structure Protection:

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Customized Indoor Fire Protection includes a variety of unique systems utilizing the tools in our arsenal:



Structural Steel Fireproofing:


Fire protecting foams may include adhesion issues.


SRE Solution:
Using our fire board allows us to custom fit to the area of protection.





2-Hour Fire Rated Indoor Walls:


Many older structures do not allow for individuals to safely exit a building on fire.


SRE Solution:
We have the ability to address your needs whether it be installing a two-hour fire rated wall, fire protecting stairways, and more!


                                    Before                                                   After






We can be as creative as you need:




SRE Advantages:

  • Ability to customize even to the most unusual existing
  • Before and after matrix aid in proper system selection.  Also provides visual to compare completed work insuring correct installation. 
  • Design drawings are assembled allowing each step of the process is able to be understood by a novice installer.  Following each step in sequence insures a fire protection installation that will function in a fire/smoke event.
  • Ability for corrective maintenance to be performed 10, 20, even 30 years from now
  • System designs are installed by SRE’s trained and certified installers.
  • Ability to install while the unit is live.













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