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Cable Trough Sealing

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In the event of a fire, oil and water may flow through the trough to other equipment causing additional damage.


SRE Solution:

Cable Trough Sealing prevents oil and water from flowing from transformer to transformer leading to additional problems.  The below picture demonstrates water leakage into the cable tray.  SRE uses materials which prevent leakage issues while allowing for future cable pulling without dam grout damage. 





Before                                                 After        




SRE Advantages:

  • Materials used allow for future cable pulling and updates without dam grout damage.
  • Before and after matrix aid in proper system selection.  Also provides visual to compare completed work insuring correct installation. 
  • Design drawings are assembled allowing each step of the process is able to be understood by a novice installer.  Following each step in sequence insures a fire protection installation that will function in a fire/smoke event.
  • Ability for corrective maintenance to be performed 10, 20, even 30 years from now.
  • System designs are installed by SRE’s trained and certified installers.
  • Ability to install while the unit is live.


Material(s) Description:
5 Star Grout
Urethane Foam











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