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Cable Wrap Protection

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Cables located in the vicinity of cable joints are at an increased risk of catching fire.  Cables running throughout the plant serve as a pathway for fire spread.


SRE Solution:

Cable Wrap Protection prevents further fire damage by protecting adjacent cables.  Wraps may be removed for any necessary cable updates.  This standard is used to apply a protective wrap to power cable joints and power cables in the vicinity of joints.  The intent of this procedure is to reduce the effects of an arc blast upon power distribution cables and to reduce the spread of fire after a “flash” event.  The EP3990 wrap material is not designed to contain an arc blast. The intent of the wrap is to mitigate the impact of flame, hot gasses and molten materials upon surrounding power cables.





SRE Advantages:

  • Ability to remove fire wraps to update joints and re-route cables.
  • Before and after matrix aid in proper system selection.  Also provides visual to compare completed work insuring correct installation. 
  • Design drawings are assembled allowing each step of the process is able to be understood by a novice installer.  Following each step in sequence insures a fire protection installation that will function in a fire/smoke event.
  • Ability for corrective maintenance to be performed 10, 20, even 30 years from now
  • System designs are installed by SRE’s trained and certified installers.
  • Ability to install while the unit is live.
  • Resists flames up to 1900ºF
  • Emit extremely low levels of smoke/toxic gas when subjected to fire
  • Flexible yet durable material
  • Joints closely located to each other may be wrapped as a group, or individually wrapped.


Material(s) Description:
EP-3990 Wrap














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