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IsoMod Modular Fire Barrier Walls

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Modular Fire Barrier Walls are installed around electrical transformers to protect

adjacent property and equipment from fire, shrapnel debris, and other side effects resulting from transformer explosions.  We will be glad to install the walls for you, or work with an existing contractor.


Without Walls                                       With Walls


The consequences of a transformer explosion are extremely significant.  Here at SRE we have developed

a modular precast wall to fit your needs from both a cost and an installation standpoint.


IsoMod vs. Deluge System Option

Risky Deluge System Option:
Deluge systems are not always accountable.  Sediments collected in the pipes, frozen water and poor water pressure all contribute to deluge system failures.  Overall maintenance of deluge systems are a full time job in and of themselves.  In addition, as water from the deluge system and oil from the transformer overfill the drainage pit, the fire is likely  to flow beyond the limits of control.  Engineers are jointly coming to the conclusion that deluge systems may not be the most effective way to protect surrounding assets.

Secure IsoMod Barrier Wall Option:
In the unfortunate event of a fire, barrier walls have proven time and again to effectively contain fire spread and protect surrounding equipment from shrapnel debris.  Once installed, equipment owners can direct their focus to other crucial tasks as opposed to regularly maintaining the walls. 

IsoMod Characteristics:

                   Meets 2 hour Fire Rating in Confined Space (ASTM 119)

                      Meets Wind Loading of 130 miles per hour with 2000 PS

   Withstands Hose Stream Test (ASTM E-226)

                                                  Modular design enables un-troublesome wall installation and breakdown

                                    Modular design allowing for the replacement/removal of sections

                            Wall comprised of concrete allowing for affordable protection

                                Two/three columns supporting the wall eliminating need to dig
a trench the entire width of the wall

                       Little to no maintenance; able to withstand the elements

                                                        Made in the U.S.A.

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IsoMod Quote:
Here at SRE, we are always evolving our products to best meet the needs of our customers.
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Our concrete modular design may be exactly what you're looking for!

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